Playing Games

April 27, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

Long before floopy prims were even a gleam in LL’s eyehand, I made several different animated texture pennants to put on my tents as the alternatives – rotating twisted prims or waving prims or particles – just didn’t appeal to me. I had no illusions that the pennants were fabulous, but I liked them. I put them for sale and gave a lot away to tent buyers.

The other day I received an offline IM asking me if I would provide a bulk discount on my tintable pennants to someone wishing to buy 15. I was highly amused, as the pennant is 10L.

So, I went in world and said sure. I dropped one on the IMer just to make sure it was the correct one. The IMer had bought some already (30 seconds before, not a week before) and I asked how many. Six, seven, eight – not sure. So I dropped five more on the profile and and went to look at transactions as I felt I’d just then been the recipient of an Alberto Gonzales. Sure enough, the number was five.

It made me think – is it a kind of unethical thrill of the chase, or perceived one-upmanship? Does the person pat himself on the back as having been clever? It gives lie, I think, to the belief that the amount to be gained has anything much to do with cheating. In this case the amount to be gained was hardly even in the pocket change category. The ‘thrill’ must just’ve been in that – the thrill of cunningly outwitting the old lion and managing to steal the cracked marrow bone.

I’m sure this is a survival skill of old, turned into a kind of game. Then, too, the fact that I watch this with amusement indicates I am playing my own game.


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