Just Hit Play

April 24, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

This is the first of what I hope will be a number of posts SLurling you off to inworld machinima. I’ll start with the ones I know at the moment – but please sent me an IM if you show original SL machinima. SLurls are obtained by clicking the names.

Susi Spicoli’s Machinima Gallery

Susi has a number of cinemas and shows both her work and the work of others. Each little space is set up in a style of its own, and it’s a bit confusing when you first arrive. I’m not sure I’d have known what it was had I arrived without knowing already. On the other hand, since I did know why I was there I enjoyed each little space – so perhaps a few fast-loading signs are all that’s needed.


Choose from several or watch them all.


The usual suspects, but it’s early days yet for SL machinima.


GBC Headquarters in Grignano

GBC, which I have to say straight off the bat is me, Ida Keen, Enjah Mysterio, Salazar Jack, and Theodore Polonsky, stands for the Grignano Broadcasting Corporation. It began years ago as a still image, then gained momentum and now is periodic news spots and short movies displayed inworld at GBC Headquarters, a building that naughty Salazar built in faux loading grey. Inside are clips on the ground floor, with a news set above. Clips change periodically (whenever I go, “!!!” and go update the urls).

Oh, that Salazar!  How dare he play and have fun!



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