3B – Browsing In 3-space

April 22, 2007

by Onder Skall

Since the Games Park could possibly be construed as a big 3D “links page”, the mention of 3B caught my attention when it came my way this morning. I checked it out, partially out of curiosity, and partially because I’m trying to avoid doing real work today…

Anyhow, here’s a pic of me walking around Second Life Games in 3D… or 3B… or… whatever, here’s the pic:

SLG through 3B

Immediate problems I experienced upon installing the software included:

  • REALLY awkward avatar customization where you can’t even pick a hairstyle or any facial features.
  • Awkward camera control – in fact, very little control over the camera at all.
  • A counter-intuitive search function that only addresses the immediate area, not all 3-spaces hosted.

When you first download and install the client they drop you into this space filled with television-related corporate websites… corporate websites are not compelling though. It was like standing in a maze of billboards.

So I jabbed at the client until I figured out how to load up the blog. Random pages from the blog eventually appeared, accompanied by random pages I’ve linked to in the past or that shared meta-tags with me. I couldn’t read most of them because you can’t scroll. Worse: these were just screen-captures of the web pages, so I couldn’t interact with them either except to click on them (twice) and load those pages in a REAL browser.

To be fair, I might be catching them a little early in the development. There’s a good chance that they’ll pull out some magic feature that makes it all gel and coalesce into something beautiful. For me though, this was so much more awkward than a basic browser with a Favorites menu. It’s not all bad, but I can’t see myself browsing the web like this.

I think I learned something here: 3D linking should link to 3D spaces.

Anyhow, as usual, I really don’t expect anybody to just take my word for it. Here’s a link to Second Life Games through the 3B browser… judge for yourself.


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  1. how do you join?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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