Feature: Dissecting Jack’s Lies

April 17, 2007

by Onder Skall via Kotaku

I feel for those who’ve been touched by the recent tragedy in Virginia, but I’m too busy being overwhelmingly disgusted at the twisted freaks who are trying to use this to advance their own agendas.

Not that I’m calling any lawyers twisted freaks in the above statement… and this picture of Jack Thompson is just here because of how handsome I think he is, not because I think he needs a major reality check and is making the rest of our lives hell in order to feed his own sense of self-satisfaction or anything…

Here’s a completely random quote from Kotaku that for legal reasons I’d like to remind you in no way is meant to imply that anybody is a twisted freak:

Just hours after the shooting on the Virginia Tech campus, Jack Thompson worked his way onto national television to attempt to tie the tragedy to video games – hours before authorities had released any information about the suspect or his motive.

Please read the Kotaku article entitled “Feature: Dissecting Jack’s Lies” to your mother, your grandmother, and especially to your teachers.

Now, the twisted opportunistic freaks of the world just don’t know when to quit. Not that I’m calling Dr. Phil a (possibly litigious) twisted freak for the things he’s said here, either. I’m just talkin’, ya know… theoretically…


  1. My brother says Jack Thompson looks like an evil John Stewart from a alternate universe where everything’s gone twistedly, horribly wrong. He’s right.

  2. I’m glad someone went point by point to take it to Jack. The best defense against his madness is hard fact and evidence… unfortunately the media networks aren’t interested in either and will not run any counterpoints. All we can do is spread the word ourselves.

    As for Kotaku, they’re very odd — they have a love/hate relationship to SL. The editors love posting about it, the commenters love to post their hate about it. EVERY SL post I’ve seen there immediately degenerates into a Why SL Sucks festival of comments. I half suspect Kotaku’s editors promote SL for the same reason Fox lets JT on the air… the negative feedback gets them ratings.

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