Get Landmarked At The Games Park

April 16, 2007

by Onder Skall

Work continues on the retrofit of the Games Park. I’m focusing away from hosting games myself (although I will *always* have a bunch available!) and more toward featuring places to go around Second Life.

Games Park WIP

Behind me here you can see the beginnings of the project. Click on any of those pictures to get a notecard with a description of the place and a landmark to check it out yourself. For now I’ve just put in whatever notecards the owners have sent me, but I’ll be customizing them in due time.

The four categories I’m starting with are:

  • Arcade
  • Educational
  • Role Playing
  • Theme Park

Do you own a build that falls under any of these categories, or know someone who does? Send me a notecard with a description of the place, a Landmark, and a texture/snapshot for me to put on the panel itself when I make it. It’s FREE!

One comment

  1. No Tringo 2.0 reviews? I’m surprised you don’t have Tringo as a category either. Nice site though and cool build, funny I never saw any of this before though I *love* SL games…

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