Skiing With Seeker Gray

April 16, 2007

Seeker Gray By Seeker Gray

Now that winter is upon us (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!), a person’s thoughts turn natuarally to snow. I’ve been an avid skiier for years (very much a la Arthur Conan Doyle!) but I thought I’d give myself a little challenge and try a snowboard; so I was pleased to find the Nakiska Ski Club.

We can thank Esse Bellman and Freya Jeffries for this winter wonderland. They’ve built and scripted a nice downhill slalom course with start and finish timers and gates. There is also a clubhouse with a hot tub and a nearby ice skating rink. You can buy your skates here but you can also use your own if you have some. The scripted skates will make even the rankest novice skate like an Olympic athlete!

Now off to the slopes! You can buy skis or snowboard for very little money or even just rent a set for only L$1.

At first I tried to “wear” my snowboard but it ended up attached to my right hand! The proper technique is to rez it on the ground then right click on it and select “Ride.”

Then off you go!

I found control difficult but not impossible. I was quickly through the start gate and down the hill. What a thrill!

I had the opportunity to speak with Madam Jefferies:

I would just like to add that the slalom was not really designed for snow-boarding – the current boards are too fast and uncontrollable to negotiate the gates. We are working on boards as well as skis though. The course was designed for alpine skis however, which work fine! Esse’s skis are available from the vendor at the start or you can bring your own!

The Giant Slalom course record is still 1:35:67, achieved by Gorgy Holgado on Dec 2nd. Join Nakiska Ski Club, then come & see if you can beat him Wednesday 2300 SL time or 1900 Thursdays! Professionals in attendance at 2300 each day Sunday to Friday for 2 hours. Rules apply!

Alas, at the bottom I was unable to stop in time and oops, into a tree, not very elegant. I dislike not being elegant.

For some winter fun you should try the Nakiska Ski Club! Bring a friend. I even met fellow blogger, Natalia Zelmanov there. I think this will be a popular place.

Seeker Gray comes to us from Second Seeker


One comment

  1. I tried it out today and had a good time! However, the animations in the ski lodge did some strange things to my avatar.

    Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the skiing!

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