The State Of RPGs In SL

April 14, 2007

by Onder Skall

Onder and Suzanna

You might accuse me of using this post as an excuse to post a bunch of pictures of Suzanna… and you’d probably be right. My review of her sim, City of Lost Angels, is going up this week on New World Notes. We got together today and talked about that a bit, and about the wall of RPGs that I’m putting together at the Games Park.

Suzanna Soyinka

If you don’t know her, Suzanna is one of the pioneers of RPGs in Second Life. She created one of the first combat systems, one of the first major builds, and founded the most respected RP we have. As we talked about the different sims that people have been building it became clear that she’d been ripped off a few times. There was even one sim that copy/pasted the notecard that you get when you land in the sim and just changed the name, with no attribution. (I’ll withhold names for now.)

When I asked her about getting sim owners together to trade ideas she was hesitant, which I’m sure you can understand. As we discussed stories of back-stabbing and drama-queens gone diva it became clear that I’d have an uphill battle on my hands if I wanted to get these people together.

Still, it was also apparent that sim owners are very genre-centric. She knew all of the dark RP sims, for instance, but had missed several of the more fantasy, western, and post-apocalyptic sims. They all share radically different philosophies and could lend each other ideas about how to get things done.

Eventually the sun came up and, being a vampire, that meant she had to go. Still, I remain optimistic that we might be able to make something happen here.

Suzanna Soyinka

MEANWHILE… I have five sims on my big RPG board in the Games Park. Send me a notecard in-world that contains a snapshot and landmark if you’d like to be up there among the greats!

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