Saturday Slaughter @ The Kill Club

April 14, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian



Combat Cards is a trading card dueling game that uses cards in a HUD, each card having values for things like block, attack, and even regeneration. Every week we have an event so you can get together and thrash out the tensions of the week. Saturday Slaughter is usually at Spangle Aerial Arenas, but The Kill Club hadn’t been getting much use for events lately, so we took our weapons over to Europa (thank you, Johannason, for suggesting it). A good turnout of really nice people, and the help of neighbor Delpha Deckard* made this a fun event!



*Decka let us use his next-door parcel so we could rez a second anvil – then sat and watched the slaughter!

One comment

  1. Hey! I didnt know it would show up here. I was at that event yesterday just when it started. The second game (first game on Delpha’s parcel – thank you Delpha!) was between Ida (the girl fighting in the screenshot) and me, I won – too bad I couldnt stay.

    This card game is really great! Im hoping to see some inventive updates in the future and perhaps you should lower the wait time of 10 seconds (make it adjustable perhaps). Too bad I am not able to buy my own deck.. its a bit expensive for me. But the demo decks are just as good.

    Thank you!
    Pandaren Brewmaster

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