Masquerade Ball in the Legendary Toxian City

April 14, 2007

Toxian City Masquerade

When: April 14th 7pm -12 am SL time

Hosts: The Kindred Alliance – formed to strengthen the vampire community and welcomes all vampire clans into its ranks. This is an event to celebrate unity in Toxia.

Who is invited: All races and groups supported by the Toxian mythos: Vampires, Lycans, Supernaturals, Dark Elves, Mutants, Demons, Angels, Machines, and Humans.

Toxian city is a dark urban live action role playing game. The city’s setting is what is left of a blue collar town after major disaster hit. Toxian city is a forgotten legendary place where races of all sorts may roam free without retribution. The build was designed to evoke a sense of horror and give the characters a variety of interesting settings to roleplay within. The mythos of Toxia is created in a way so established characters in other games could cross over without having to change.

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