A Deck of Cards – OF COURSE!

April 14, 2007

by Onder Skall

When Rifkin wrote me about this I had one of those smack-your-head-with-astonishment moments. Why the hell hasn’t this already been built?

You have got to admire Rifkin Hasberg… the guy has vision. (Previously he built Frootcake, Danger Zone and Zingo).

Playing Cards

You can get your own copy here. From a business perspective there’s a bit of genius to it because all he has to do in order to sell more decks is re-texture the back of them.

It’s kind of beta at the moment but you can play Hearts and Spades. MANY more games are promised. If you and three friends want to give it a try I have it over at the Games Park. If you can’t find a fourth, try your hand at 52 Pickup. Seriously. Couple more pictures after the fold…

Playing Cards 2

Playing Cards - 52 Pickup

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