Kula High-Speed Jump

April 10, 2007

Seeker Gray By Seeker Gray

Ahhh, to be young again! You may not know this, but I once raced motorcycles, almost making a name for myself on the professional circuit with my Norton – as a gentleman racer, of course.

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that not only can I get a free motorcycle in Second Life, I can jump my motorcycle! (You see, there is a side to Seeker Gray you may not have anticipated seeing. I’m all for the occasional surprise.)

Kula bike

Let me tell you, first, about my bike. Well, truth be told, it isn’t technically a bike at all. It is an Elemental, or more precisely a !Meta Elemental Multiform Craft. The Elemental is the brainchild of Kage Seraph who has built a craft that can transform: not only into a motorcycle, but also into a sports coupe, a submarine, a jet, an airship, a helicopter, a speedboat, or a hoverpod. It has all sorts of features (including weapons that will get you banned from many sims), but the best part is that it is free.

Note: Although the bike is free, Kage Seraph has promised to send all donations to the Kibaale Project, a charity that is helping out at Kibaale Community Center in the Rakai District of Uganda.

It is quite fast and initially quite difficult to control. Here I am, getting ready for my jump:

Kula run

I ride the clutch to keep wheelspin down, shift at the redline, and I’m airborne!

Kula airborne

Very well: I really didn’t do any of that. The Elemental is operated just with the arrow keys. You press them and you go. And go, indeed, did I!

Kula air

With practice I was able to consistently clear about 90% of the adjoining sim, which fortunately was mostly empty of people. If I didn’t hit the ramp with enough speed, I would often bounce off the leading edge of the giant chessboard, a hazard that Evel Knievel no doubt often faced himself.

So first stop by Deneb to pick up your !Meta Elemental Multiform Craft. Then you are ofof to the Kula High-Speed Jump.

I think I’ll go again … just once more …

Kula once more

Seeker Gray comes to us from Second Seeker



  1. Heh, I built that jump:) as buridan simon in sl.

  2. […] Kula High-Speed Jump « Second Life Games: So first stop by Deneb to pick up your !Meta Elemental Multiform Craft. Then you are ofof to the Kula High-Speed Jump. […]

  3. Hey, Seeker! Great post! It’s always fun to see people enjoying the Elemental as much as I enjoy developing it. Have a good one!

  4. Haha, that things awsome, (and thats not a word I use very often) spent alot of time in it as a helicopter. That was fun! The bike is a little hard to control though.

  5. hi i am katy fox

  6. heyy

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