Games Park – Shifting Concepts

April 10, 2007

by Onder Skall

Originally I had rented the land for the Games Park to test out games that I liked and collect the best stuff that I had found. It’s a fun place, and I recommend swinging by…

… but there are problems. The biggest is that it’s a mainland sim, and I’m not really ready for an island of my own yet. (Big plans there though, stay tuned!) Being a mainland sim we get more lag than we would otherwise, which can be deadly in gaming. Plus I’m starting to feel a little squished in – no room for a racetrack.

This picture is a shameless excuse to show off my new Cloud outfit.

The more I think about it the more I’m starting to realize that time to try something new with this land. Second Life Games is largely a “go here and do that” kind of blog, so why wouldn’t the Games Park serve the same purpose? It’s time that I build a place that more closely resembles a waystation where you can wander around, check out a few destinations, and then click on an interesting-looking picture for a landmark.

I’m trying to picture how this is going to work exactly. As we’ve learned time and again in SL, you can’t just take a webpage and make it 3D. Or… no, wait, that’s not what people are doing. They’re taking real places and making them 3D… that’s the mistake… so…

How WOULD a guy take a webpage and make it 3D? Or a blog?

I have a mental picture of how this might work, so I’m going to build a small-scale implementation of the idea in about a week and subject it to criticism. If this happens, and it’s useful, this could be the kind of thing people emulate in the future. I’ll keep you posted.


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