Introducing Seeker Gray

April 6, 2007

Seeker Gray

Everybody, please say hello to Seeker Gray. Mr. Gray, this is everybody.

Readers of SLG may remember that I did an article exchange with Seeker Gray awhile back. He, along with Sherpa Voyager, has been running the brilliant blog Second Seeker where they’ve explored the more fascinating builds around SL. I must say, they really are the best explorers in SL! Starting this week Mr. Gray has agreed to post some of the more incredible finds around our little world and put my “cool builds” tag to a bit more use than I’ve been giving it lately!

Well Mr. Gray, tell everybody a bit about yourself.

Hello. I am Seeker Gray.

I like to have jolly old time having good clean fun. You can see me here relaxing in a beautiful park, a park meant to be enjoyed by all proper citizens of Second Life.

Some have accused me of being a bit prissy, a fuddy-duddy. Pshaw I say to that. Like any good gentleman I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of a fine glass of vintage port at my club. I love the horses at Ascot and, my my, I’ve certainly enjoy the company of the ladies.

But that’s a bit personal and impertinent, don’t you think?

And shouldn’t you cover up some?

Maybe some of his class will rub off on us. Not too much though… just a little.


One comment

  1. Good evening, Mr. Gray. I look forward to reading about your explorations.

    Osprey Therian

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