Event over at the Insert Coin

April 6, 2007

Insert Coin Arcade

When – Be at the door by 6:10pm, Friday April 13th 2007
Where – Insert Coin Arcade

Put your quarter up! It’s our first tournament event, and we’re gonna find out who’s the best joystick slinger in town.

TOURNAMENT SIGNUPS: IM Seven Shikami anytime in advance of the event to secure a slot in either the Hogan’s Alley or Street Fighter 2 competitive brackets. Be at the event by 9:10 or you may be replaced by someone registering at the door! There is no charge for entry.

FREE PLAY: All games, not just tourneys, will be set to free play for the duration of the evening!

TRIVIA CHALLENGES: Between rounds, we’ll be having 1980s video game lore trivia questions. How much do you remember about the coin-op era..?

PRIZES: Lindens, arcade games, and tournament-winner exclusive trophies will be available!

CHAOS AND CONFUSION: We’ve never done this before! Be on hand to see the hilarious antics first hand as we wrangle event management!

Want to practice beforehand? Never played these games? Drop by Insert Coin Arcade. All games are available for sale, too! See you there!

Insert Coin Arcade



  1. …whoops. Should read “Be at the door by 6:10pm”. Curse time zones.

  2. NP, I updated it.

  3. Thank You

  4. I’ve just been staying at home waiting for something to happen.
    I haven’t gotten much done lately.
    My life’s been completely bland lately, but so it goes. Not much on my mind these days.

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