TyroTech WASP Attack Droid Release Event

April 5, 2007

by Onder Skall

When – 2:30pm (SLT), Saturday April 7th 2007
Where – Techno Wasp Launch Site (click for slurl)
Check out the promo video:

From the press release:


Up to 5 people (depending on the traffic) will be chosen at random at the end of the event, and be given a free WASP! There will also be discount TyroTech merchandise for sale.

The TyroTech WASP is a fully automated attack droid, which is capable of being controlled fully from many hundreds of kilometers away. Featuring a fully interactive radar display, the WASP is a lethal solution for many problems. Customise it’s colour and weapon scheme to fit any situation, and full chat relay allows you to taunt your enemies from afar!

He’s sending me a prototype for review but I probably won’t have time for it until mid next week, so swing by the event and take a look for yourself.



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  2. The WASP is about as cool as an object as Ive seen in a while. It rivals power shield by eckhard dillon when it came out and Invicibot when that came out and a lot of other new and fresh ideas and ways to implement LSL.

    It’s really easy to program to patrol your land…had a ton of features and the HUD reminds me of an F-15 cockpit and minimizes when needed to the side that its almost not even there.

    Fantastic build, even more fantastic scripting and details for this first round of this product.

    If anyone wants a demo please stop by Arcadia 1 (in the front warehouse) and you will see a vendor…the WASPs are flying all over my sim atm so they are hard to miss too.

    Enjoy this, I cant see anyone not liking this product who is interested in weapons, scanners and a litany of other features. I haven’t done a lot of speaking out on projects and items recently, but over the last 2 years I have been fortunate enough to see, use, own and beta almost all weapons and games type products adn this def. makes my top 5.


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