Our Brilliant Second Life

April 5, 2007

profilepic.jpgby Osprey Therian

A mixed reality premiere of the short film Our Brilliant Second Life by Mixin Pixel was presented at the Aspen Shortsfest and in Alt-Zoom’s cinema on Lukanida, on 5 April. This documentary about an Australian couple and their experiences inside Second Life is very well done indeed.

Blair Fizz and alegria Garden – subjects of Our Brilliant Second Life

First of all it doesn’t try to do too much. It spends a little time with one couple, and we feel we know them a bit after watching the film. There isn’t a lot of explaining or teaching – instead it gives the experiences of two ordinary people who tell how their lives have been affected by Second Life.

It was refreshing to me that it focuses on two people who aren’t the best, the most famous, the richest. They haven’t been in Second Life since its inception. They represent only themselves, yet I’m sure a great many people will identify with their stories. It also hews to my few basic video requirements: it’s short and to the point, it’s well edited, and it approaches its subject in a non-preachy way.

Well worth seeing!


The premiere itself was a laggy event with a big technical problem: the movie was too big to screen. Lightning-fast problem-solving by moo Money and Geuis Dassin – who were able to reformat and reupload – saved the day. In between the OMG! of the problem’s discovery and the Yay! of the actual screening, other machinima-makers filled in with their own short films. The machinima community is getting to the point now where streamable movies can be pulled out at a moment’s notice. I have to say it was fun seeing the movies, as well as meeting Blair and alegria. The lag was tiresome, the wait was long, but – the movie itself was worth waiting for.

Additional commentary by Onder Skall
Osprey made a great find here. That first link that she provides lets you just watch the video through your browser without having to deal with SL bandwidth nonsense, and the runtime is only a few minutes so it’s definitely worth checking out. I really loved this short too… simple, with no attempt to tell you what you should think about any of it. It simply says “this is us, this is what we’re into”. Letting the audience think for themselves is so gutsy in today’s media.


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