What I’m Playing

April 3, 2007

by Onder Skall

In Second Life:
Hogan’s Alley – somebody tied my high score, but none have yet beat it!
Skee Ball – dammit, I have to try to get first place back!
City of Lost Angels – I’m just exploring this now in preparation for a story in New World Notes.

Cosplay / Photography – I went on a major photoshoot a few days ago with Saskia and have been working with the images in Photoshop ever since. I have it narrowed down to two images and can’t decide which one I’m going to enter into the ckIN2U contest.
RPThis story from the Herald is actually an ongoing RPG (without an associated numbers game) being played out in and around Discordia.

Shadow of the Colossus – Sad game, but divine and thrilling. There’s something about working towards your own demise that’s very cathartic.

Final Fantasy XII – Gorgeous PRG that’s pushing the PS2 to the absolute limits. Very very cool, although the story could be a bit more compelling. It’s all political intrigue and war stories, and well written, but I don’t know… I’m used to Final Fantasy stories having more to do with the end of the world. I’m only about 25 hours of gameplay in (FF games for me average around 70-85 hours of play) so who knows what will happen…

What are you playing?

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