Introducing Osprey Therian

April 1, 2007

Osprey Therian

Everybody, I’d like to introduce you to Osprey Therian. Osprey, this is everybody. Glad you’ve finally had a chance to meet.

Actually, many of you already know her from Second Life Art News or her Photography Studio. Even barring that you could have run into her during her various adventures in machinima, or maybe you’ve just seen her around the weekly Combat Cards group. She is Second Life’s greatest art lover and, starting right now, an additional contributor to Second Life Games.

Well go on Osprey, don’t be shy, tell the nice people a little about yourself:

I am Osprey Therian, artist and troublemaker instigator. I’ve been in SL since mid-2004, and first started a tiny gallery and began making clothing. I started the Photography Studio in May of 2005. The Brownstone East, in Grignano, which my pal Enjah Mysterio and I rent from Salazar Jack, is home to the Photography Studio and its upstairs gallery – where contests and exhibits take place. Every month, approximately, there’s a themed contest. I always have a billion projects, and one that is prominent now is the Grignano Broadcasting Corporation, which lives on blip.tv and youtube in the form of periodic reports by my intrepid reporters Enjah Mysterio and Ida Keen. Another project is Combat Cards – a trading card game Doc Boffin (game development) and I (artwork) have been working on. Oh, I should mention that last year my acting troupe put on a play – but this year we are doing a variety show and are currently in rehearsal. As an artist I feel like Second Life is paradise – I can interact with my artwork in ways never before possible, and everything there has the potential to be art.

Alright, everybody, please give a warm welcome to Osprey Therian!



  1. *waves to Osprey*

  2. *gives a warm welcome to Os!*

  3. ‘ello. 🙂

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