New Ride At Games Park

March 30, 2007

Bumper Cars

This turned into such a huge ordeal…

I figured it was time to take down Duck Hunt and try something else big. I’ve been meaning to try Bumper Cars (I’ll be writing it up for NWN next week) so I got myself a copy and installed it in the Park.

Uh oh. It’s big. Really big.

After shuffling things around I actually took the clubhouse right out, replaced it with a much smaller version, and was able to jam all the games in there. The only thing I had to sacrifice was Kris’ flower ride, which is too bad.

Do me a favor though: try out the ride and then write me about your experiences (see Contact page). Here’s a link to the Games Park.


One comment

  1. The cars handle well enough, and look good; I like that color can be picked. Nobody was around for me to try it against someone, but I imagine it’d be fun enough. And it’s about as small as it conceivably COULD be; just enough room to spin a figure 8 in.

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