March 29, 2007

GigagamezFrom GigaGamez, via Kotaku, via Alice:

John Carmack Offers to Advise on NASA’s Proposed MMO

The ironic thing about finding this article via such a convoluted path is that it was written by Wagner James Au of New World Notes. You’d think I’d have found it via his blog. Ah well. Anyhow, the point is: NASA has money to sink into a 3-space promo, and John Carmack (programmer of Quake and Doom) recommends they not reinvent the wheel. Here’s the hot quote:

“[I] do support efforts to enhance math/science/engineering education, and I could imagine something interesting coming out of it if they were willing to focus on game-like scenario and actions, rather than trying to be some sort of generic Second Life sort of environment.”

Sounds like just the sort of thing that Millions Of Us or Electric Sheep or River Runs Red should be chasing down. Time to hustle boys!


One comment

  1. Can SecondLife become as interactive and gaming like as WOW, Age of Empires, SPORE. It is time to hustle, and I’d like to see SMET education bust a move in SL. Come on gamers, let’s go!

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