Cosplay – Onder Jr.

March 29, 2007

Cosplay - Onder Jr.

So the other day I end up with some time on my hands and decide to do a photo shoot for CK. Saskia Mclaglen was good enough to be the female model, but I needed a male. I figured hey, it’s about time I create myself an avatar that doesn’t look completely bizarre… so we go skin shopping.

Guess what: people don’t sell nice male skins.

This was an hours and hours long shopping trip, most of it spent with me wandering around naked with the word “sample” plastered all over me. There was always something – gorgeous face with a too-airbrushed looking body, or a perfect looking body with a terrible face. One place sold just shapes with no skin… which was a bit frustrating after I went and purchased it…

Eventually I walked into The Good Life and all my problems were solved. I grabbed the Aaron skin (with shape), right next to the door. Perfect! For hair, only Random Hair had anything decent for men that I could find. Forgive the lack of slurls here, they’re easily found through search though…

Add to that whatever clothes I had kicking around the inventory and some amazing color-adjustable shades that Saskia made and voila – Onder Jr!

Then I discovered: shooting one model is easy. Shooting TWO, and going for a PARTICULAR MOOD… man that’s tough. Especially when they have doll-faces that aren’t easy to manipulate.

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning pale-n-skinny Onder, just keeping Onder Jr in reserve here for special occasions.


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  1. Try “Skins By Max” in Eventide – very, very nice 🙂

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