Duck Hunt 3D

March 27, 2007

[This article originally appeared in New World Notes]


Name: Duck Hunt 3D
Genre: Shooter
Creator(s): Kain Cleaver
Estimated Number of Players: Solo play
Gameplay: Shoot those ducks or suffer humiliation from a laughing dog.
Top Qualities: Great sound, great looking Zapper, great prizes
Current Shortcomings: Need to build your own walls around it, limited signage, very hard game.
Where to Play/Buy: I’m running a copy at the Games Park , and you can purchase at SLX.

Kain Cleaver, who previously brought us the brilliant Mario Kart Kit, has done it again. Duck Hunt 3D is a rendition of the classic Nintendo game that remains faithful to the original while moving things into the third dimension.

The package includes five different versions of the game depending on how much you want to charge to play. (I put the cheap L$10 version in the Games Park.) Installation is simple – just drag it out of your inventory and it rezzes fully functional. There’s a high score board, the sign distributes a simple Nintendo Zapper, and one-click interface to get the game started. Players can win one of 16 prizes including t-shirts, trophies, and a fully functional 2D version of Duck Hunt.

The first thing you’ll notice is the sound. The startup music, the “flapping” sound of the ducks, and laugh of that stupid dog are all there rendered perfectly. The second thing you’ll notice is that this is a pretty hard game. There’s a delay between when you pull the trigger and when your shot hits the target, so you have to lead the ducks a little. Those ducks don’t stay still! Players can use their own guns, but I’m pretty sure my neighbors would freak if they had to deal with the sound of machinegun fire all day.

So you’re using the Zapper provided (which looks great, by the way), when green text starts scrolling at the bottom of your screen letting you know what parcels you’re banned from. Apparently the shots from the Zapper don’t stop at the edges of the game but just keep going and going. I built some walls around my installation, but I really do wish there had been some mention of this before I set it up and went trigger happy!

This is a hard game, no doubt, but may be worth it. After I got past the initial hassles I started to have a lot of fun with this. There’s a severe lack of one-player shooters in Second Life, and this does a good job at filling the gap. Besides, the prizes are killer!


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