Cathedral – Home Of The Pathfinders

March 26, 2007

 Cathedral - Home Of The Pathfinders

Onder Skall reports from Manua

This was a tip by regular Second Life Games reader Guiles Tidewater. Thanks Guiles!

Set in a Japanese-style neighborhood, a small collection of simple and fun games greet the casual surfer. There’s Hangman, a peg-jumping puzzle, a memory game, the 3-peg ring game, and a glowing drum set that turned out to be a version of “Simon”. Here’s a picture:

Cathedral - Home Of The Pathfinders

Also for you Go fans there’s a nicely oversized goban in the building to the left. Worth checking out if you’re out of L$ for the day and looking for something free and fun to do with friends.

Have you found a hidden place people should know about? Email me at ruagamer at gmail dot com, or join the Second Life Games group in-world and IM me!


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