Cosplay – Phibbs Newchurch

March 23, 2007

Phibbs Newchurch 1

The Junkyard 246, 239, 72 (Mature) – Big Damn Tech.

When I spotted Phibbs today I realized there’s been a SERIOUS lack of robots featured on Second Life Games. Cosplay isn’t all fantasy. I need to track down more sci fi… anyhow, check out his amazing av.

Cosplay - Phibbs Newchurch

Phibbs has a shiny version for sale at his place:

Cosplay - robot for sale



  1. Phibbs is sexy!

  2. This comment can be traded in for one token!

  3. Hmmm… I wonder how he came up with that name… >_>;;
    Phibbs is still awesome.

  4. Well now that is just the coolest robot I ever saw!

  5. I touched him once!

    also Ceru…. T,T

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