Goons’ Ban Game

March 19, 2007

The Herald carried a great story today about a ban game created by the SA goons. Basically you pay X L$ to make a word a bannable offence for X number of minutes. Anybody who says that word is banned from the parcel for that period of time.

Pixeleen showed some serious prowess here when she started banning individual vowels. Pretty soon people had to speak in l334 to avoid getting booted. Here’s an exerpt:

Stahi Columbia: hllo suzr
Sauzer Woodget: wut vowls r gon
Tagistopheles Basiat: o jesus
[SYSTEM] AUTOBAN: Tagistopheles Basiat autobanned by Pixeleen Mistral for 1 minutes (‘e’ – 7 remaining)
Cancer Box: banning Tagistopheles Basiat

[ some time later]

Can’t enter parcel, not on access list.
Stahi Columbia: r0tfl
Tagistopheles Basiat: r1ght
Mikko Kralomoc: 0h d4mn 1t 1 h4t3 l33t sp34k

I strongly recommend swinging by and checking it out, as all the money raised goes to SL Relay For Life (cancer research).


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