Pole Position

March 17, 2007

Pole Position - SL Style

Pole Position was one of the first arcade racing games. I still have fond memories of sitting in one of these cabinets spinning the steering wheel and trying to stay on track.

Of course, in SL we have all sorts of limitations, not the least of which is that there’s really no native support for 2D animation. When Seven was considering the issues he seems to have made an interesting discovery: Pole Position is really just played in a single horizontal plane! Keeping that in mind he was able to strip down the interface and make it so that you just stay focused on using the arrow keys to keep in the “green section” for points.

To add a bit of a twist to things he also made a map that interfaces with nearby cabinets so that you can race against your friends. The cabinets look great too. I don’t have a really good shot of them though… and I can’t log into SL until I’m back Sunday night… hmmm…

Oh, here, you can see them in this picture from the other day:

Games Park Clubhouse


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  1. I like to play second life game

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