Dance Dance Revolution

March 16, 2007

Dance Dance Revolution - SL Style

Everybody knows Dance Dance Revolution. Oh, you don’t? Alright… uh… here, check this insanely awesome kid:

The arcade versions that we have here in SL are pretty good, but because of lag issues you end up with no actual music to go with them. We’ll bee waiting on Seven Shikami to find a hack for that. Meanwhile, it’s a pretty fun game. Hit the arrow keys when they reach the top of the screen, and they start to scroll faster and faster as the game progresses.

One thing that I discovered: this game does not play well with video in the room. Check out the copy running in Seven’s arcade, and then check out my copy in the Games Park (upper floor of the clubhouse). You’ll notice that my copy works every bit as well IF you first click on the TV downstairs and “Turn Off”. With the TV on, lag lag lag.

Still, when it works, fun and addicting!

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