Hogan’s Alley

March 15, 2007

Hogan’s Alley

Yesterday I told you about a neat Skeeball machine and compared it to one that wasn’t so neat. When a games obsessoid like me sees a game cutting through the regular SL issues this effectively, he follows up. Thus, I spent a good deal of time going through Seven Shikami’s many game builds and I’m going to spend pretty much the rest of the week telling you about them.

Basically, it has become Seven Shikami fanboy week.

the NES Hogan’s Alley“Hogan’s Alley” was one of the original 18 launch titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and is confirmed for Virtual Console (on the Wii). What many people don’t realize is that it had enjoyed life as an arcade classic even before this, and represents a bit of a genesis for all shooters that followed.

In the Second Life adaptation we get the same graphics and sound as the NES version, but in an arcade cabinet. Starting a game is easy and gameplay itself works really well. As a matter of fact, the only delays in the game were between rounds. When you click on one of the bad guys, the game instantly registers the hit! No lag!

As soon as I played this I knew I had to have a copy for the Games Park. I’ve played this one dozens of times and find myself coming back to it over and over. There’s something so satisfying about a shooter that just plain WORKS, with no extras and no gimmicks.

You can check it out in the clubhouse, upstairs. It’s just a beauty.

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