Skee Ball vs. Skeeball

March 14, 2007

Skee Ball vs. Skeeball

Today we pit Ralek Queso’s “Skee Ball” from R & L Gaming (on the left) against Seven Shikami’s “Skeeball Machine” from A Seven’s Selections (on the right). Same game, wildly different results!

To play these games yourself, click on either link above for slurl.


  • Real Life: roll balls up the bowling-alley type wooden surface to a little ramp. When the ball hits the ramp it lands in one of the holes, and you get the appropriate score. Usually you get prize tickets that can be exchanged for prizes the dollar store would be ashamed to carry, but hey, it’s all in fun.
  • Skee Ball: shoot directly at the holes. There is no power meter.
  • Skeeball: vertical aim doesn’t matter, so just aim horizontally. Hold the mouse down to count up to the desired power.


  • Real Life: very fast, as the longest you ever wait is for gravity to do it’s work on the balls. Gravity is a pretty well-rendered function in RL and doesn’t tend to lag.
  • Skee Ball: slow. Very slow. It takes a really long time for the game to let you shoot, and another while after you shoot for it to decide what score you earned.
  • Skeeball: fast. It shoots as soon as you release the trigger, and the SL gravity doesn’t misbehave too badly on this one.


  • Real Life: come in every shape, size, and design. Older ones are wooden and feature loud bells, newer ones are plastic and feature blinking lights and LED readouts.
  • Skee Ball: went for a more classical look. It’s classy, so if that’s what you’re going for… in a skeeball machine…
  • Skeeball: bright colors. Not beautiful by any means, but at least it conveys excitement. The score counter is a nice feature.

Vinal Verdict

  1. Real Life – Winner for the best game play and most seamless interface.
  2. Skeeball (on the right) – A very close second, reasonably fast and still fun!
  3. Skee Ball (on the left) – Third. Not very fun at all.

Don’t take my word for it! Check out real-life skeeball at your local arcade, Skee Ball at Megabux, and Skeeball at the Games Park!

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