Sprucin’ Up The Clubhouse

March 13, 2007

Games Park Clubhouse

Been fixing up the clubhouse over in the Games Park. Come on by, make yourself at home, put your feet up, watch some TV, and play a little UNA.

Side note: that TV gets a bit of everything, including movies, music, cartoons, Grid Review, and yeah, porn. Just be sure to share the remote and act considerate, ok? Not that I’m worried. Gamers are absolutely the coolest people on the grid.

Oh, that reminds me! If you haven’t done it already, join the Second Life Games group. It’s free to join and you’ll get messages whenever a bunch of us are going on an adventure!

***UPDATE! — I’m going out of town for a few days and won’t be able to log into SL very often, so I dropped some cash on a LARGE number of games that are all playable for L$1! Also, I was able to switch the Duck Hunt 3D game over to a L$1 version! I’ll be writing up the games I purchased over the course of the week when I can steal a quick moment at somebody’s Internet connection, but you can swing by if you want to take a sneak peek.

Games Park Clubhouse


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