My visit to Tombstone

March 12, 2007

Onder Skall reports from Tombstone

Hmm. Today didn’t exactly go as planned.

Tombstone 1

I get to Tobstone dressed in a suit. I figure hey, I’ll blend. Nobody will notice that I look like Beetlejuice…

Tombstone 2 - somebody noticed

Somebody noticed.

So, time to get a gun. One of the locals was good enough to point me in the right direction.

Tombstone 3

And then I went clothes shopping. Bam. I blend perfectly now:

Tombstone 4

Looking as studly as I do, women immediately flock to me.

Tombstone 5

Well ok, a woman… who came across me before I was able to fix the whole skin/eyes/hair/horns affair. “Howdy mistuh'” she says. Time to role-play…

So I pretend I’m the devil. Not all that hard. She’s the church organist, as it turns out. Perfect. I bring her to the bar…

Tombstone 6

… and JUST as I’m about to get her to commit the sin of inbibing alcohol, the locals show up.

Tombstone 7

Way to cramp my style Dudley Dooright. Ah well. I hang back for the rest of the evening, get rip-roaring drunk, and absorb the local entertainment.

Tombstone 8

Play that banjo boy!

Watch New World Notes this week for my full article on Tombstone!

One comment

  1. Mistah Skall,

    I jest simply cain’t believe y’all would suggest that Ah would even CONSIDAH “imbibing alcohol”!! I went to that den o’ the devil with ya jest to keep you
    outta trouble Mistuh Skall! Mah feelings have been cut to the quick! Ah’m afraid my reputation has been ruined.


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