Onder’s Game – Take It Or Leave It

March 10, 2007

Take It Or Leave It

Name: Take It or Leave It
Genre: Gameshow
Creator(s): Artemis Cain
Estimated Number of Players: One player at a time, and as many audience members as can cram into the sim.
Gameplay: Drama and tension as one lucky contestant gets a chance at big cash prizes
Top Qualities: Really packs a room. Tweaked to create as little lag as possible. A rare opportunity for large groups of avatars to shout without it being considered rude.
Current Shortcomings: Needs a really good host in order to be enjoyable. No one-player version possible. No models holding the cases.
Where to Play/Buy: Play at Under the Boardwalk, purchase on SLX

When “Deal or No Deal” hit the airwaves I asked myself how long it would be until somebody made an SL version. Apparently the answer is 2 seconds. “Take It or Leave It” started popping up around Second Life in October of last year.

I found a copy of “Take It or Leave It” running at Under the Boardwalk over in Caeshu. The contestant picks a case valued anywhere between L$1 to L$10000. Next, they choose from several other possible cases, whose values are revealed and removed from the board. The host answers a phone call from “the banker” with an offer of slightly less than the average value of the remaining cases. The contestant is then faced with a choice: do they take the deal, or do they eliminate more values from the board and get a new offer from the banker?

The trick with a game like this one is that audience participation is critical. You need a crowd interested in being an audience, and who won’t all leave as soon as they find out that they aren’t tonight’s lucky contestant. Drama and excitement are critical so the host is the key.

Stuart Warf, the host at Under the Boardwalk, was charming and helped to get the crowd whipped into a frenzy. Apparently he gets to know the contestant a bit and works personal details into the back-and-forth between player and host. Whenever the whole crowd started yelling “leave it! Leave it!” Stuart would step in and help the contestant weigh the options, walking them through why they just might want to “take it” and end the game. Stuart was a maestro at creating tension, which made the entire experience that much more exciting for everybody.

If you’re looking for a great way to get some dwell, hire yourself a charismatic host (I hear Stuart takes bookings!), pick up a copy of “Take It or Leave It” and prepare yourself for a great show.



  1. crazy

  2. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  3. can u tell me the script of it online here

  4. Thanks for this.

  5. the game take it or leac=ve it should be free to play on the internet!!!

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