Onder’s Game – Midian City

March 10, 2007

[Originally posted to New World Notes]

Name: Midian City
Genre: RPG
Creator(s): Baal Zobel
Estimated Number of Players: 400+ in total, sim is generally full.
Gameplay: Assasins vs. Vampires vs. Nekko. You must be just a bit psychopathic to enter.
Top Qualities: Amazing, detailed and gorgeous build. Huge dedicated player group. Elaborate back stories and well defined character classes.
Current Shortcomings: Getting a bit overcrowded. Not for people looking for a PG good time. Not a lot of room for levity – gets to be pretty serious.
Where to Play/Buy: Midian City

If you’re tired of sanitary corporate builds or just in search of dark adventure, it might be time for a trip to Midian City.

Midian is a full-sim roleplay environment in the spirit of Blade Runner meets Underworld. The build is a complex series of narrow streets and dark alleys that are simultaneously decrepit and gorgeous. If you ever finish exploring the many sights at ground level, turn your gaze upwards to the maze of catwalks or sneak down into the tunnels below. It’s a stunning build, and a favorite among Second Life photographers.

When you’re ready to play, pick up a copy of the MPD interface, pick a faction, and assume a new identity as one of the city’s residents. In all of my visits to Midian there has never been a time where the sim was vacant, so know the city’s mythology and expect to interact with the residents accordingly. Saying the wrong thing here could get you killed.

While there is a combat interface, fighting is something that happens as a consequence of the unfolding story between players. You won’t find people randomly attacking everyone in sight here. A definite cat-and-mouse feel pervades the conflicts, with some factions designed specifically to be prey for others. Obviously, weapons manufacturers do well here.

Nice chair.

Intermingled with the stories of guns for hire, cat-people and muggers is a scene that carries with it a sexual tension. Peep shows and prostitutes are the norm, and one might well be inclined after a time to seek out some sense of purity in the well-rendered church. Of course, in here lurkers hang in the shadows. Corrosion knows no boundaries.

The roleplay environment of Midian City has refined itself into something approaching art. If you’re looking for cyberpunk, look no further.

A complete review of Midian is available at my blog, along with in-depth commentary from residents of Midian City.


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