Avatar Empathy

March 9, 2007

This is not Onder Skall

I picked up a copy of Guild Wars: Factions last week having finished most of Prophesies. I like playing Guild Wars after battling technical issues with Second Life. Everything is so smooth and pretty. Plus, killing is fun. Can’t argue with that.


I was making a few characters, trying them out, and getting a feel for what class I wanted to run. As I did I kept having to come up with new names my creativity started running low. It was getting pretty bad. I named my Monk “Totally Mega Awesome”. Clearly I had run out of ideas.

When I finally decided to make an Assassin, I named it “Onder Skall”. That’s him pictured above. Of course… it’s not really, is it? “Onder Skall” is pale, tall, has big cone-spiked hair and horns. This is some other guy.

Yet there I was interacting with other players and stabbing monsters under the name “Onder Skall”, and after awhile it dawned on me: I’ve started to think about my avatar as if it’s a real person.

You think that’s bad? It gets worse: after a few hours I realized I was picturing my Second Life avatar at the computer directing my Guild Wars avatar through the game.

Guys… seriously… I have lost it.

So, what am I going to do? Take a break from SL? Get outside and get some fresh air? Spend more time with the fam?

Hell no. I’m gonna play more games. LOTS more games.

I figure this little piece of dementia is coming from too much time having been exclusive to Second Life, so I’m going to spend the weekend broadening my gaming horizons. I’m pulling out the PS2 and finally finishing off Final Fantasy XII. I’m breaking out Katamari Damacy and rolling up some paperclips. I’m creating new handles on the message boards and investigating some new ARGs. I’m writing more fiction. I’m getting some RP in there too.

Maybe after all that this “Onder Skall” persona will be thrown into perspective. Or my brain will melt. Problem solved, either or.


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