Motion Capture FTW!

March 8, 2007

We all knew that open-sourcing the Second Life client would lead to innovative ideas, but who knew that we’d get something this wild? Over at hackdiary there’s a demo (with code) of an Arduino board interfacing with the client. Bottom line: dude turns a dial in the real world, and a box moves up and down in the SL world. 0 teh g3niuz!

The next step, of course, is for an enterprising peripheral maker to sit down and make us more sensors. With innovations like this, motion-capture can’t be far behind.

Dear engineers, tinkerers, and hackers: the world wants a cheap motion-capture device for Second Life. We will pay you. Please get to work now.


One comment

  1. The cheapest mocap system that i ahve seen is http://www.phasespace.com. goes for about 50,000 a pop. costly but compared to Vicon’s low end system which is slower more prone to problems and runs at 250,000.

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