SL’s business girl has a business life on British Air

March 6, 2007

[Originally posted to the Second Life Herald. BTW, check out Wonderland, it’s one of my favorite blogs.]

Wonderland‘s world-travelling gaming guru Alice reports that “business life”, an in-flight magazine for British Airways, carries a cover story featuring our own Anshe Chung. Unfortunately, as she puts it: “no mention of flying willies.” I guess you can’t have everything.

That cover art is really something, though. Anybody know how to get my avatar to look that smooth?


Speaking of Wonderland, Raph Koster (of Areae Inc.) ran an interesting comparison based off of Alice’s ponderings of NCSoft’s claims. A figure of 67 million was given as the number of NCSoft’s customers, although later comments clarified that this was a figure for total registrations. Sound like a familiar story?

Meanwhile, Raph says, Habbo Hotel claims 70 million. That’s a 7 with one-two-three-four-five-six-seven zeroes after it. After a wild claim like that, is it even humanly possible to feign shock at Linden Labs’ population claims?


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