March 2, 2007

Onder Skall - Second Life Games

Wow, what a week. It may not look like it from the blog’s perspective, but I’ve been cranking out more crazy SL work than I ever have before. For instance:

  • The Second Life Herald re-published that Russian Roulette article, but it took some doing. Mark Wallace is insanely busy with 3pointD and The Electric Sheep Company and so I had to kind of … well … badger the hell out of him. Eventually Pixeleen Mistral and I just decided to work directly together.
  • I’ve also given The Herald an exclusive (and massive) review of “The Devil’s Labyrinth”, which is awaiting just the right moment to spring itself upon the public.
  • New World Notes made the official announcement today that “ONDER GOT GAME“. I pwn Tuesdays on NWN, starting this coming week. Wagner James Au (ex Hamlet Linden) was looking for a games blogger, and the effervescent Torley Linden gave me a recommendation. Thanks Torley! Love your blog!
  • I’ve set up a very basic Games Park, which I’m sure you all know. I plan on rotating the games I have through there on a pretty regular basis so check back often and make sure to look inside the cabin… I have something special planned for inside.
  • Kain Cleaver, genius behind the Mario Kart Kit, sent me a copy of Duck Hunt 3D which I’ve set up in the Games Park. I plan on spending more time with it before writing it up, but first impressions are positive. The sound is awesome! I put up invisible walls around the three sides of the game in order to keep bullets off of my neighbor’s properties. Here’s hoping Prokofy Neva, my landlord, doesn’t get too upset at people using guns in the neighborhood.
  • I switched themes on the blog. I find it easier to read, and some display bugs that crept up on certain browsers seem to have cleared.
  • Also I’m hunting down an RPG that I’ve only heard rumors about. If it’s all I hear it is it’ll be huge. Plus, I’m working with a coder on a kooky-creepy graveyard gambling game. Oh, plus, I started work on a new series of eye textures (you can see my current ones on SLX). OH, and I created a Participation page to give you ideas on how to participate with Second Life Games.

    Other than that, I’ve just been hanging around, being lazy… you know… chillin’…

    Oh yeah and I started researching a comprehensive list of MMO development tools… that’ll be done early next week… ish…


One comment

  1. hahaha! Sorry about that, Onder. Did you send the Labyrinth to Pix? That’s probably your best bet, as usual.

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