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Countdown to SL Combat Expo – Force Prophesies

February 19, 2007

Force Prophesies
There was something immediately impressive about this product. Even the box it came in was impressive – it had this great sci-fi look and automatically updated the package when I opened it. The manual was huge, and was necessarily divided up into 8 separate notecards. Of course, I didn’t bother with that. I just started jabbing at the hud.

After bouncing off of the walls and randomly sending myself flying through a few sims I took the tool off and read the manual.

In case I haven’t made a strong enough hint at the issue: Force Prophesies does dozens and dozens of things. Now, I had reviewed Piero Patar’s “SL PTools” before and gave you an idea of how elaborate a multitool it was. Kokiri Saarinen’s Force Prophesies is pretty elaborate too, but it has the added bonus of being very fine-tuned.

The sensor alone is incredibly sophisticated. You can get a list of names of everybody within chat range, have it constantly monitor who moves in and out of range, and even produce a hologram around you showing everybody’s location. It can also give you a measurement of how efficient script performance is on the sim at any given moment and warn you if things are going slowly.

As far as weaponry it pushes, pulls, shoots lightning, sets people on fire, and puts a black ball around them to make mouselook useless. It has a series of shields, some great dodging animations, some non-physical chairs, an orbiter (of course), and great ways to attack people even when they are non-physical in no-push zones.

One of the more interesting (ie: controversial) elements is called “Extend Senses”. This will spawn a chat bug that will follow any av around so that you can listen to them from anywhere in SL. This is, potentially, a big problem and against TOS, so be sure to use it only in situations where it would be appropriate!

The tool also comes with many rezzable objects from foliage that grows over several days/months, to a speeder bike, to a toilet. Dozens of possible particle effects also come with it, but the one basic tool that kept my attention was the variable speeds at which you can set your running and flight. Suddenly I’m skipping across sims like the wind!

At L$499 there is absolutely no excuse not to get this thing. Well done Kokiri! Make more!


SL Double Dare – Games From The Shadows

February 17, 2007

[This article originally appeared at Second Life Herald]

by Onder Skall

I’m fairly compulsive when it comes to my web surfing, so how I ended up at the SL Double Dare blog is a bit of a mystery even to me. I found myself looking at featureless black with sparse grey text describing a new game of dares in Second Life. Members would agree on a dare and pay those that completed it. One final quote caught my eye: “Risks: Warning from SL Police, couple of days suspension …. region banning.”

Anonymous by Onder SkallThere was no contact information and no hint about who might be a participant. Leaving a comment asking to be contacted felt a little like slipping a note under a stranger’s door with your phone number. I wasn’t sure what to expect, if anything. I checked back at the blog over time and didn’t see any new posts. After awhile my comment was deleted. Maybe that was it.

The other day I opened my inbox and a cryptic note greeted me: “hello, questions here, DD”. I had made contact! As I typed out questions I couldn’t help but wonder what I was getting myself into. Read the rest of this entry ?


Diamond Vendors Announced for Second Life Combat Expo

February 16, 2007

For Immediate Release

Diamond Vendors Announced for Second Life Combat Expo

[Armory Island – Februry 15, 2007] Armory Island today announced that all Diamond Level Exhibitor Slots for the Inaugural Second Life Combat Expo have been sold out. The Expo is scheduled to run from March 24 – April 2, 2007.

The Diamond Level Exhibitors include weapons makers from Jadsoft, Neo Synthetics, LF Labs, and the Omega Concern. Weapons makers Enigma Labs and Operations will share a Diamond Booth, and Voodoo Extreme will also occupy a Diamond Level booth. Read the rest of this entry ?


Countdown to SL Combat Expo – Souls of the Damned HUD

February 15, 2007

Souls of the Damned
This little beauty comes to us courtesy of Artemis Latrell: scripter, salve-master of the spirits of hell, and all around great gal. Clicking “Summon” in the HUD calls to you a collection of souls that you can send against your enemies. It looks pretty badass.

Functions include sending people into orbit, killing them (making them fall down and playing a screaming sound, also kills them in combat sims), locking them in place, and shielding. It also has a guard mode where the names of anybody who comes within range pop up in a window asking if you’d like them dead. If you say yes, off go the swirling skulls and eerie whispers to surround your victim and scare them to death.

From the SL Exchange entry:

This device is a product of the Department of Experimental Armaments: Mystical Arts, Necromancy, and Arcana division, a federal branch dedicated to the research and development of high power combat technology for a modern world. The MANA division specifically is dedicated to the discovery and modernization of ancient forms of combat.

Well that’s where things fall apart a bit, unfortunately. This design is based on the old Second Life.

The current state of combat makes the shield function a little useless, so if you get this you’re probably going to want to get a shield separately. At L$999 that’s probably not too much to ask. This is a very fun way to deal with griefers, and in a combat situation it really does cut through everybody else’s shields like butter! This is a must-have for anybody who wants to do combat in style.

Besides, why kill anybody yourself when you can get a legion of damned souls to do it for you?


Cosplay – Feline Edition

February 14, 2007

Alice Katayama

Say hello to Alice Katayama, a Welcome Area regular and today’s featured cosplayer. What I really liked here was the combination of themes – the whole Catwoman-meets-rockerchick thing. Closeup after the jump. Read the rest of this entry ?


Countdown to SL Combat Expo – The Piero Padar Collection

February 14, 2007

Welcome to the “Countdown to SL Combat Expo” series! I’ll be reviewing weaponry and defense systems until the end of March when I’ll be focusing on the Expo itself. Basically, these reviews are just going to be about whatever people send me, so if you’re a developer and you have something better than what I’ve written about IM me.

Piero Padar sent me a nice little package of things the other day. It had a neat little ufo-soccer game, a sitting tool I still don’t understand, and this thing: the “SL PTools”. Now, that’s a pretty terrible name Piero. What in the world does this thing DO?

SL PTools

Apparently, this thing does just about everything. Read the rest of this entry ?


Melee combat on Samurai Island

February 13, 2007

Here’s some sweet combat on Samurai Island, courtesy of New World Notes. You’ll usually get more fps, btw.