Motorati Island

February 28, 2007

[Note from Onder Skall: This is an article written by Seeker Gray of Secondseeker.com. Check out his blog for the guest article I wrote about AOL Pointe.]

Motorati Island is a collection of 6 connected sims that celebrate the automobile. I was asked by Onder Skall of Second Life Games to be a guest blogger and I was gladly sent to explore Pontiac, Veloctiy, Ride, Drive In, Garage and of course, Motorati. These 6 sims are filled with amusements, destinations and of course some shops. Let’s go explore.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are road everywhere. And – bit of a corollary here – there are also cars everywhere. You can of course try out a Pontiac at the dealership; but, frankly, I wouldn’t. I don’t mean to say anthing negative, but the free Pontiac only lasts for four minutes. How absurd! I quickly rezzed a free trial of a G-Axis VW Microbus. What memories! How I loved my microbus! Cruising the hills of San Francisco back when I had hair. She was a 23-window model named Jezebel.
I do wish I could remember 1965, though: there’s gap, you see.
In any case, I not only loved driving around in my yellow bus, but also flying. And the sights one can see in these sims. There is a giant potato with a giant pat of butter!

A giant ball of twine.

Giant trees, a giant bear and giant dinosaurs. There seems to be a theme here.

Next it was off to the go-kart track. I, of course, choose a black one. Anything else would have clashed. It is quite a lot of fun driving around, bashing into things; but bring a friend or six, much better that way. The cars are quite easy to control with the arrow keys. Easy to drive, but not easy to drive fast!

There is, of course, an oval track, with both a large, small, and figure eight track nestled amongst the pits and grandstands. You can buy a race car and race it here using the automated timer.

There is a drift track, much like the oval track, there are competitions here against the clock and presumably other drivers.

There is even a monster truck course where these behemoths can drive over other cars.

After all this dusty excitement I felt the need for a nice chocolate malt and of course that can be found here. Well, at least the venue was available.

And after a rest at the diner I went for a drive in my magic bus again, this time stopping for ice cream, “untouched by human hands.”

I was mostly a tourist here. One of the difficult parts about being your guide is that I can only dabble, I only touch the surface of the places I visit. There is a lot to do here if you want to drive a car, or more importantly, drive a car in competition. So please give Motorati Island a try.

Now where is my beloved Sherpa?

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