Garage of DOOM

February 27, 2007

Garage of DOOM

Onder Skall reports from Louise 193, 230, 39 (Mature)

I’ve been meaning to tell you all about Garage of DOOM for some time now, and the creator Moriash has been super patient with me and one hell of a guy. Thanks for waiting man, sorry I dragged this one out a bit…

So, let me tell you about Garage of DOOM. It’s in the alpha stage at the moment, which means that it’s a work in progress with lots of bugs to be worked out. It also means that it’s free to play. Free is good!

When you arrive in the office, grab the gun from the “in case of zombie attack break glass” box. Click on the double-doors, and you’ll find yourself in a garage. Soon skeletons and little zombie security guards start coming in from the corners, followed by mummies and shadows and all manner of other ghoulies. Shoot them. It’s not really rocket science.

You know, even though it’s a bit like shooting cardboard cutouts, you’ll find yourself quickly addicted to the game. Victory isn’t measured in surviving here; you can’t “win” the game. You just have to last as long as you can before the undead hoards feast on your carcas. Playing a game where you already know you’re dead meat sooner or later is fun sometimes: you get to be reckless making a run for that powerup and get experimental with your shooting pattern. Plus, even though it’s all team play, the highscores for longest lasting victim help keep things competetive.

Even though there are some glitches, not one of them makes this game hard to play or slow. Of course, it’s not the technical aspects that will keep you coming back, it’s the tasty gratuitous violence. Whenever you just feel like blasting something, swing by the Garage of DOOM. If you’re going to get ripped apart by the legions of the undead, you might as well have fun doing it.

[EDIT: The creator, Moriash Moreau, is doing something AMAZING for Second Life Relay. I won’t spoil it, just check it out over at New World Notes. Here’s the link.]



  1. Well. That sounds like all kinds of fun! *loads shell into chamber*

  2. is this a mod for classic doom or something?

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