Second Life Games Park

February 26, 2007

Second Life Games Park

Onder Skall reports from Second Life Games Park, Patagonia (229, 109, 29)

Well I went ahead and made the leap. I’m still building, but there’s a nice chessboard in the house and a really fun dungeon game. Oh, and I put a mega-trampoline outside. MUCH more coming! Swing on by and leave me a message on my answering machine.

[***EDIT: for some reason people have been having a hard time getting there. Here’s the SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Patagonia/229/109/30 ***]



  1. I beg to differ about the “funness” of the dungeon game. Unless I totally missed something, then all the game involves is clicking on doors that appear in a picture on the wall. You don’t even walk anywhere.

  2. I can understand where you’re coming from, but it’s fun from the “risk-taking” perspective, not the “rpg” perspective.

    I’m going to put up a grave-digging activity and a chess/checkers/go combo table in the house soon, and if I have time tonight I might try my hand at setting up a little Mario Kart course. Oh, and also there were those rides I wanted to put up…

    I’m saving my pennies to get LOTS of new games in here, so check back often! Also, if you’re a game developer, drop me a line if you want to feature your product.

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