Shopping For Second Life Land

February 25, 2007

I’ve realized that there’s just no way to keep things going with Second Life Games without some kind of home base. I need to put rides, games, and whatever cool fun things I find all in one place, and create some kind of participatory function for the Games Guide. Besides, I need space to beta-test games I build with developers. SO, I’m land-hunting…

I’ll probably just rent to start off (since it’s way cheaper than paying Premium plus Tier and you get a landlord looking out for you), but finding a place that works is hard. I need lots of prims, need to be able to have lots of games, but find neighbors who don’t freak out that there’s a “casino” next to them. I won’t be doing any camp chairs, strobe lights, dance floors, or anything like that, but people get touchy about this stuff. I don’t want to rent a place and then just get kicked off!

There’s a sweet 2048m plot in Patagonia I might end up with, just waiting to hear back from Prokofy Neva about the whole Casino thing. If she’s concerned about the racket I might make I’ll totally understand, but if so this is going to be a LONG hunt.


One comment

  1. Casinos are only usually a problem if they start causing lag due to lots of avs sitting around in them for hours on end. If you are just making a place for people to come and play games every once in a while, that will generally be fine with landlords – particularly if other tenants would enjoy them, or they suitable for a themed rental area.

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