Kristofer’s Kids’ Coasters

February 22, 2007

Kristofer’s YoYo Ride
Onder Skall and Saskia Mclaglen chill out on the YoYo Ride

I’m re-learning a major rule in gaming: it doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun. Kristofer Potato ran a demo of his wacky inventions for me the other day in Discordia. He makes a variety of gadgets through Clap Designs (everything from pianos to a carwash), but it was the rides I was most interested in.

The Kids’ Coaster Ride just involves sitting in a little car and being whipped around in circles. Your avatar sticks its hands up in the air and everything flexi you have on flies back (or forward once somebody hits the “Reverse” button!). Another version made with just 21 prims and a sparkling particle effect was even better as you lean outwards a bit from mouselook view. Caution: you will get dizzy riding this!

When you’re ready to relax Kristofer has the YoYo ride ready for you. It’s a fun way to hang with a friend and watch the world pass by. All three of these rides are low-prim (the most complex having 80), the scripts are simple and quick, and they deliver an exerience you remember. I wish there were more of these around SL.


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