Countdown to SL Combat Expo – Force Prophesies

February 19, 2007

Force Prophesies
There was something immediately impressive about this product. Even the box it came in was impressive – it had this great sci-fi look and automatically updated the package when I opened it. The manual was huge, and was necessarily divided up into 8 separate notecards. Of course, I didn’t bother with that. I just started jabbing at the hud.

After bouncing off of the walls and randomly sending myself flying through a few sims I took the tool off and read the manual.

In case I haven’t made a strong enough hint at the issue: Force Prophesies does dozens and dozens of things. Now, I had reviewed Piero Patar’s “SL PTools” before and gave you an idea of how elaborate a multitool it was. Kokiri Saarinen’s Force Prophesies is pretty elaborate too, but it has the added bonus of being very fine-tuned.

The sensor alone is incredibly sophisticated. You can get a list of names of everybody within chat range, have it constantly monitor who moves in and out of range, and even produce a hologram around you showing everybody’s location. It can also give you a measurement of how efficient script performance is on the sim at any given moment and warn you if things are going slowly.

As far as weaponry it pushes, pulls, shoots lightning, sets people on fire, and puts a black ball around them to make mouselook useless. It has a series of shields, some great dodging animations, some non-physical chairs, an orbiter (of course), and great ways to attack people even when they are non-physical in no-push zones.

One of the more interesting (ie: controversial) elements is called “Extend Senses”. This will spawn a chat bug that will follow any av around so that you can listen to them from anywhere in SL. This is, potentially, a big problem and against TOS, so be sure to use it only in situations where it would be appropriate!

The tool also comes with many rezzable objects from foliage that grows over several days/months, to a speeder bike, to a toilet. Dozens of possible particle effects also come with it, but the one basic tool that kept my attention was the variable speeds at which you can set your running and flight. Suddenly I’m skipping across sims like the wind!

At L$499 there is absolutely no excuse not to get this thing. Well done Kokiri! Make more!



  1. where can i locate a vendor for this.

  2. Oh, you can find it on the Second Life Exchange.

  3. Just bought the thing (my first exchange purchase) but the instructions won’t let me read them. I also didn’t get a speeder bike or anything else.

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