Diamond Vendors Announced for Second Life Combat Expo

February 16, 2007

For Immediate Release

Diamond Vendors Announced for Second Life Combat Expo

[Armory Island – Februry 15, 2007] Armory Island today announced that all Diamond Level Exhibitor Slots for the Inaugural Second Life Combat Expo have been sold out. The Expo is scheduled to run from March 24 – April 2, 2007.

The Diamond Level Exhibitors include weapons makers from Jadsoft, Neo Synthetics, LF Labs, and the Omega Concern. Weapons makers Enigma Labs and Operations will share a Diamond Booth, and Voodoo Extreme will also occupy a Diamond Level booth.

Apollo Case, owner of Armory Island, which is hosting the Expo said, “The Diamond Level Booths which retailed for 20,000L each, were taken within eight days of the Combat Expo’s announcement.” He said, “One reason for the quick take up was that vendors wanted a good spot, and were maybe encouraged by the early bird discount of 15% that we have for bookings before February 20th”. Apollo also noted that the gold vendors were 50% sold out.

There are still booths available for the Expo, with Gold booths at 12,500L for ten days, Silver Booths at 7,500L for ten days, and bronze booths for 4,000L for ten days. For more information, people can contact William Dalgleish, Project Manager for the Expo. The early bird discount of 15% applies until Feb 20.

For more press information, please contact Apollo Case by IM or by email, apollocase@yahoo.com. Vendors can contact William Dalgleish for more information about the Expo.

About Armory Island
Owned by Apollo Case, Armory Island is one of Second Life¡¦s largest virtual arms areas with almost fifty independent vendors. There is a broad range of weapons, shields, clothing and gadgets for every avatar.

About Armory Xtreme

Armory Xtreme is a place for combat, as well as a place to socialize, hang out and meet new avatars.


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