Countdown to SL Combat Expo – Souls of the Damned HUD

February 15, 2007

Souls of the Damned
This little beauty comes to us courtesy of Artemis Latrell: scripter, salve-master of the spirits of hell, and all around great gal. Clicking “Summon” in the HUD calls to you a collection of souls that you can send against your enemies. It looks pretty badass.

Functions include sending people into orbit, killing them (making them fall down and playing a screaming sound, also kills them in combat sims), locking them in place, and shielding. It also has a guard mode where the names of anybody who comes within range pop up in a window asking if you’d like them dead. If you say yes, off go the swirling skulls and eerie whispers to surround your victim and scare them to death.

From the SL Exchange entry:

This device is a product of the Department of Experimental Armaments: Mystical Arts, Necromancy, and Arcana division, a federal branch dedicated to the research and development of high power combat technology for a modern world. The MANA division specifically is dedicated to the discovery and modernization of ancient forms of combat.

Well that’s where things fall apart a bit, unfortunately. This design is based on the old Second Life.

The current state of combat makes the shield function a little useless, so if you get this you’re probably going to want to get a shield separately. At L$999 that’s probably not too much to ask. This is a very fun way to deal with griefers, and in a combat situation it really does cut through everybody else’s shields like butter! This is a must-have for anybody who wants to do combat in style.

Besides, why kill anybody yourself when you can get a legion of damned souls to do it for you?


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