Countdown to SL Combat Expo – The Piero Padar Collection

February 14, 2007

Welcome to the “Countdown to SL Combat Expo” series! I’ll be reviewing weaponry and defense systems until the end of March when I’ll be focusing on the Expo itself. Basically, these reviews are just going to be about whatever people send me, so if you’re a developer and you have something better than what I’ve written about IM me.

Piero Padar sent me a nice little package of things the other day. It had a neat little ufo-soccer game, a sitting tool I still don’t understand, and this thing: the “SL PTools”. Now, that’s a pretty terrible name Piero. What in the world does this thing DO?

SL PTools

Apparently, this thing does just about everything.

SL PToolsIt scans the area, pushes objects and avatars, orbits, makes you invisible, shields you, paralyzes people, and contains all manner of bizarre harassment “for fun with friends” from visual to physical. Not everything worked all that well (I had zero luck with the “disrupt” and “push” functions), but there were literally DOZENS of things to do with this gadget. That smoke effect (pictured above) was huge, and the visual effects in general were pretty fun. The only thing is, if not used with due care, this tool will drive people around you absolutely crazy! Be careful if you end up with this.

SL PToolsThe one function that worked extremely well was an invisible movement mode. I could fly, move through objects, and remain shielded very effectively with this thing and move faster than the normal walk rate. I can see how this could be an advantage in a combat sim! Now, would I pay L$2000 on SLExchange for this? I’m not so sure… but it’s right for you if you like an all-in-one toy for goofing around with your friends.

There was one other thing included in the package: “NASTY HUD”. It’s a very straightforward orbiter: turn it on, it gives you a list of people within range, click on one, and then click on “OWN” to confirm. They’re off flying right away, never to return (at least until they log back in), and it registers an instant kill in damage zones. The ad for this one mentions that it works in no-push areas, which is true, but it doesn’t do anything in areas that don’t let you rez (which is probably a GOOD thing!). As orbiters go, though, it’s the most lightweight on the market, taking up very little space in your HUD and using very quick scripting. This may be worth the L$1000 SLExchange cost for those of you on combat sims, even if you have other more feature-rich tools in your arsenal. Can’t ever argue with the quick kill!

More product reviews coming in soon!

Got something you’d like to appear here? IM me in-world, or email me (see Contact page).


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