Mario Kart Kit

February 12, 2007

Mario Kart Kit

Ok, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can be bribed. Easily. Take advantage. Kain Cleaver just did.

He sent me the Mario Kart Kit which, I must say, is just a gem. It comes with over a dozen karts, a HUD dispenser, some decorations and breakable blocks. Even before testing the scripting it’s a good deal at L$1000.

As it turns out, though, the programming is pretty solid. The HUD itself worked smoothly even when I tested it in a laggy crowded sandbox. The traps and power-ups feature cartoony-fun graphics and the karts drive better than most SL cars do these days. There’s a great sense of momentum using Mouselook!

Now, I’d have a lot more for you on this, including shots of the props, karts, and a neat writeup about some people who bought this and set it up on their land, but the grid just went down. Again. AGAIN. DAMMIT.

That’s the biggest, most important thing I can say about the Mario Kart Kit: even with the grid choking on it’s own bile, the karts ran smoothly and the HUD had snappy animation. If you have a copy of this set up, leave a Slurl in the comments k?



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  2. wow very cool thx ! I wanna make my own mario kart ! 🙂

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