SL Combat Expo Announced

February 10, 2007

For Immediate Release

SL Combat Expo Scheduled for March 24-April 2, 2007

[Armory Island – February 5, 2007] Armory Island is proud to announce the Inaugural SL Weapons Expo to be held on Armory Island from Saturday March 24 to Monday, April 2, 2007. The first three days will include workshops and round table discussions on combat related issues within Second Life. Weapons vendors will also be there to explain their products to the general SL public, and make new product and product upgrade announcements.

Apollo Case, owner of Armory Island said, “Formalized combat and combat role play is growing rapidly within Second Life with more than fifteen sims dedicated to these activities. During the Expo, attendees can find out more about formalized SL combat and, we will examine such issues as weapons compatibility, combat strategies, and dealing with griefers and lag.”

There will be stands from different weapons makers including those who retail at Armory Island, and owners of combat sims will also be invited to participate.

Apollo Case said, “Armory Island is ideally placed to hold this activity. We have almost 50 weapons related vendors currently residing on the sim, and we have just opened up a combat sim called Armory Xtreme which is now open for public testing.” He added that the Expo is open to all the general public, and all weapons makers are invited, whether they currently have vendors on Armory Island or not.

For more information, please contact Apollo Case by IM or by email,

Complete booth rental details after the jump!

About Armory Island

Owned by Apollo Case, Armory Island is one of Second Life’s largest virtual arms areas with almost 50 independent vendors. There is a broad range of weapons, shields, clothing and gadgets for every avatar.

About Armory Xtreme

Armory Xtreme is a place for combat, as well as a place to socialize, hang out and meet new avatars.

The SL Combat Expo (March 24-April 2, 2007)

[Book before February 20, and get a 15% early bird discount]

Armory Island is hosting The SL Combat Expo for Spring 2007. The Expo will begin March 24, 2007 and end on April 2, 2007. This will be an excellent time for creators to unveil their new products and announce new product upgrades. We invite every vendor in Armory Island to participate. There will be four levels of stands that you can get in the Expo. They are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. You can choose to have a stand for the official Expo for 3 Days, or the offical Expo for 3 days AND an additional week.

We will also be doing round table discussions and inviting vendors to conduct product demonstrations. Below is a description of each stand.


The Diamond Stand is in the top stand level. It costs 15,000L for three days and 20,000L for ten days to have a Diamond Stand in the Expo. The Diamond Stands are the same size of the Gold Stands, BUT you get to design your own stand! Diamond Stands are perfect for large businesses. Diamond Stand holders get 60 prims, and the rules of setup are at the end of this notecard.

-Ability to build your own stand with 60 prims.
-Ability to set up a rotating sign to make your stand more noticable.
-Get the best locations in the Expo.
-Inclusion of name in promotional materials.
-Teleport Balls directly to your own stand.

The Gold Stand is in the top stand level. It costs 10,000L for three days and 12,500L for ten days to have a Gold Stand in the Expo. The Gold Stands are 9.7 by 8m large. The Gold Stands are in great locations. The Gold Stands are perfect for large businesses. Gold
Stand holders get 45 prims, and the rules of setup are at the end of this notecard.

-Large sign to place your logo on.
-Some of the best locations in the Expo.
-Large visible space to place all of your products.
-Large amount of prims to decorate and setup your stand.

The Silver Stand is in the middle of the stand levels. It costs 5,000L for three days and 7,500L for ten days to have a Silver Stand in the Expo. The Silver Stands are 8 by 6m large. The Silver Stands are in decent locations. The Silver Stands are perfect for mid-sized
buisnesses. Silver Stand holders get 35 prims, and the rules of setup are at the end of this notecard.

-Perfect for mid-sized buisnesses.
-35 prims to decorate and setup you stand.
-Visible sign for your logo.
-Decent locations for your stand.

The Bronze Stand is the lowest stand level. It costs 3,000L for three days and 4,000L for ten days to have a Bronze Stand in the Weapons Expo. The Bronze Stands are 7.5 by 4m large. The Bronze Stands are not in the most outstanding locations. The Bronze Stands are perfect for smaller businesses with less products. Bronze Stand holders get ** prims, and the rules of setup are at the end of this notecard.

-Perfect for smaller businesses.
-20 prims to decorate and setup your stand.
-Ability to buy and use a Bronze Stand if you have a Silver Stand,
Gold Stand, or Diamond Stand. (You cannot use your Bronze Stand prims
for your other stand)

As expected, we have limited amounts of stands, and they are taken by a first pay first serve basis. If there is more demand for certain stands, we will adjust the setup.-

Setup Rules:

Stands cannot have floating rotating signs, any other object above a stand that not is part of the built stand, or anything that makes a stand point out more than others. Stands must stay under prim limits, or objects will have to be returned. We encourage creative stands, but there is a line. We love America, so no flags or objects promoting Middle East countries that are hostile to Western interests or items that promote communism or fascism. Also no trademark violations. Armory Island Managers have control to remove things for your stand. All products setup in vendors must be combat related.

We recommend releasing special, or new products in the Weapons Expo. We also recommend attending your stand to answer customers, reporters, and other peoples questions.

If you would like to reserve a stand please IM William Dalgleish, or drop him a notecard if he does not respond in a 3 day period. Spots are limited, so please reserve your stand as soon as possible. Any questions, comments, or concerns IM William Dalgleish or Apollo Case.

Preliminary Timetable

Armory Island. Saturday March 24-April 2. 2007.

Day 1: Saturday March 24, 2007
4:00pm-5:30pm Opening Ceremony
5:30pm-6:30pm Round Table Discussion: Current Combat Issues
7:30pm-9:30pm Product Demonstrations by Vendors – Phase 1

Day 2: Sunday March 25, 2007
5:30pm-6:30pm Round Table Discussion: Setting Weapons Standards
7:30pm-9:30pm Product Demonstrations by Vendors – Phase 2

Day 3: Monday March 26, 2007
5:30pm-6:30pm Combat Strategies for Players
7:30pm-9:30pm Product Demonstration by Vendors – Phase 3
10:00pm Closing Ceremony

Days 4-10: March 26 – April 2, 2007
Vendors still set up for sales and viewing

Day 10: April 2, 2007
Completion of Expo.


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  1. Looks like a good program ..

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