Nexus Prime

February 10, 2007

When Seeker Gray and I were discussing guest writing in each other’s blogs, I paged through his archives to see what place he might have covered in the past that might make for a good article here on Second Life Games.

Naturally, I went for the dirtiest place I could find.

Nexus Prime - exterior

From the outside it just looks like a big box, but looks can be deceiving. Fly above it and you’ll find a shiny, almost chillingly sterile office environment of the future. This, of course, is only the beginning.

Nexus Prime - upper area

The buildings themselves contain pristine office spaces with various high-tech sci-fi companies offering their wares. Slip through the gaps next to the street and an entirely different view will greet you. The complex array of catwalks, tanks and pipes, while by themselves not very attractive, paradoxically combine into a strange kind of beauty. The stained glass of a church in the center of it all sets a nice bit of contrast.

Nexus Prime - factory

At various places around Nexus Prime you will find terminals that will teleport you to a dark nightclub. Hulking shadowy figures guard the door. I was on my best behavior during this part of the visit, politely listening to the streaming music chanel and drinking at the bar.

Nexus Prime - cyber bar

Next to the factory area is a run-down neighborhood rich with detail. Here you will find the Last Chance bar which plays host to a constant stream of explorers passing through. This is a fun place to go if you want to meet people who are inquisitive by nature.

Nexus Prime - Last Chance

Still further down you will find a broken-down subway car. The careful attention to detail in creating this derelict is truly remarkable. Keen observers may even discover that the tunnel extends for a bit in one direction. Surely there must be a way in there.

Nexus Prime - subway

A careful examination of the back alleys in this area reveals a few manholes that can be opened, and a series of complex tunnels lead to various mysterious chambers. Here I am in a room where an experiment went horribly, horribly wrong.

Nexus Prime - the lab

While never graceful or elegant, there certainly is something beautiful about a build like this one. It’s so massive, but not one corner of it is wasted space. Even if you’ve found all of the sights I’ve captured here, take a flight around the periphery… there are even more surprises along the edges. If you consider yourself a veteran explorer, take on the challenge offered by Nexus Prime – with so much here, it’s nearly impossible to see it all.

Nexus Prime - a secret place above a secret place



  1. To the author,

    I am a new addition to the Second Life experience, and sadly have yet to successfully down load or even enter the world of which you write. I have to say though your articles filled me with excitement. I am most amazed with the potential for witch a new social construct will bring us to a new pillar of human achievement, and the next step in the evolutionary development. Technology and social environment will now infuse together in a new more personal atmosphere that defies everything that we have all been taught in this life. As a fan of your work, and not yet a full resident of SL, I was wondering what you would suggest to an interested consumer with not a lot of financial recourses to purchase one of the high end model PC, but is willing to buy the next best thing, just as long as said consumer can get into SL sooner than later. Thank you for your time, and I can’t wait for your next review/in-depth look, into the world of Second Life.
    Mephistopheles Spitteler

  2. Your exploration pics were very good. Nexus Prime is an extremely well-built and thought out area of SL. I have been sent on a few “missions” here as it is a wonderful place for RP. There are several different hidden artifacts on Nexus Prime – such as the experimental lab you mentioned – that make for a great mystery/investigation/horror/drama RP scenario. One thing you didn’t mention is that the Lag can be pretty horrific here, though on a clear day you can walk almost normally. Nevertheless, it’s worth a visit.

  3. I have to say, Nexus Prime is one of the most stunning places I’ve been in SL. it oozes style, grace, talent… it’s too bad the average population tends to be a bit thin.

  4. thats cool.

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